#MeToo and JFC I Can’t Even With You Dudes

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Today we tweeted about Liam Neeson’s claim that #MeToo has started a witch hunt – that witch hunts have historically targeted at women and it seems absurd that men are expressing how scary it is that they think they’re the target of one. Mostly, the responses we got were supportive, but of course, OF COURSE, we had a few tweets from men arguing that witch hunts are also/just as bad for men.

Now, I’m not trying to shame any individual tweeters, because I’d hate to start a witch hunt (lol see what I did there?) but honestly, men. I can’t even with you.

Okay, let me give you the benefit of the doubt. You’re concerned, like Liam Neeson, that casual contact like touching someone’s knee is going to lead to a man losing his job.  Leaving aside the fact that why the F would you be touching her knee in…

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Why you should never share an office with your partner

I met my partner in graduate school. When I think about how traumatic graduate school was, I often remind myself that I would have never met my partner (nor my best friend) if I had chosen another path. I mean, maybe I would have found another partner (or another best friend) but I think I found a pretty awesome one. I’m pretty content in my choice. I waited a hell of a long time to be in a relationship, and I’m lucky to have a partner as supportive, considerate, fun, and intelligent as my partner.

With all of that said, I HATE SHARING AN OFFICE WITH HIM. This is not a closely guarded secret. Many of our friends know that I find that constant togetherness to be stifling, but I don’t believe I’ve ever outright said it to my partner.

For many years we did not share an office. We worked on different floors of the same building, which provided the perfect balance of accessibility and distance. I worked on the third floor, and he worked on the second. If he had a meeting with his advisor, he could stop by my office. If I felt like taking a break, I could walk downstairs and hang out with him. Even when he got a fellowship this past year and moved to another building, my graduate assistantship for the year was located in that same building. The move was not coordinated, but it was convenient.

This summer though, he has been between offices – he no longer has the fellowship office, but his old spot was also given away. So when I was asked by the department administrator if he could occupy my office for the summer, primarily so the students for his summer course had a place to find him, I said fine. How bad could it be?

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Back from the brink of dissertation madness

It felt appropriate to resurrect this blog a day after President Trump tweeted insults about a female reporter, given that it is named after one such disparaging remark.

trump mika

Can we talk about how crazy this is? I’ll have to get more into this later, mainly because I need to wade through what everyone else is saying to see if I have anything original to add to this conversation. But here are a few of my favorite Twitter highlights:

So what have I been up to for the past four months?

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Let’s give this thing a go, I guess.

I’m not very good with this whole blogging thing. I’ve tried in the past, with varying degrees of success (see: my blog about my semester in Italy during undergrad; my blog about trying to keep my shit together post-undergrad while slowly withering away from anorexia).

But Donald Trump is going to be President in 17 days and my boyfriend can only stand my feminist rants for so long. And I’m in my last semester of grad school with no job prospects. And my best friend is having a baby, though I’m pretty sure we’re not old enough for that level of adulting.

So I figure now’s not the time to hold back. What you will find here will largely be random thoughts on the stuff that’s driving me crazy, making me fume, or just dumbfounding me. Occasionally I may stumble into something insightful. I wouldn’t count on it though.