This Week in “I can’t even.” (Part 3)


I haven’t posted in 10 13 days because I literally cannot even. Trump is president. My dissertation is stalled and my graduation will be pushed back from May to August. Trump is president. I don’t have any job prospects. Trump is president. My advisors are driving me nuts. And have I mentioned that Trump is president?

I didn’t think Trump taking office would affect me so much – we’ve all been putting up with his bullshit for months, years now. But now every insane thing he says, every stupid thing he tweets, every lie that his staff insists is truth has matters so much more now. His recklessness could really fuck some shit up and frankly, it’s making me very anxious. I feel like I’m always waiting for the next news alert.

So let’s just recap some of the crazy that has happened in the last week:

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This Week in “I can’t even.” (Part 2)


First off, let’s not even talk about how long I spent playing around with that very simple graphic. There were many iterations in what is ultimately a very simple graphic. Should I use bright colors to signify how outrageous life has become? That’s not really my style though, so how about some muted colors… What kind of banner do I want? Do I want it curved or straight? What about the text? Serif? Sans serif? I get way too into this stuff. Maybe I will blog in only graphics from now on. Though isn’t that… tumblr? (I don’t really understand tumblr.)

Okay, but back to business. There have been way too many things this week that I can’t even. Every day I wake up and think, things can’t get any more absurd, right? And then I read the news or open up Twitter…

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This week in “I can’t even.”

I have a bad habit of reading the comments section. In my mind I see comments section and think, “Oh, an intelligent discussion about an article I just read. I love intelligent discussions!” If you’ve never gone into a comments section, let me tell you one thing it is not: an intelligent discussion. It is quite the opposite.

But I know I’m not the only one to plunge into the dark abyss of a comments section. There are plenty of people – troll or not – who frequent them. Trolls, after all, cease to exist if there is no exasperation to feed on.

Do you know what happens when a country becomes so enamored with ad hominem attacks and logical fallacies? They elect Donald Trump – a walking, talking, Tweeting comments section.

So I present to you This Week in “I can’t even.” A collection of the most absurd things I have seen from Trump in the past week.

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