Trying to write in the age of Trump

I’m pretty bad at procrastinating. Well, I’m good at procrastinating, and bad at getting things done. There’s always a desk drawer to be organized or an email to read and respond to. But lately, my productivity has taken a dive, because I am constantly on high alert, ready for the next Trump tweet, or the next leak from the White House.

It’s nuts. It’s a huge waste of my time when I should be applying for jobs, or conducting research, or worrying about jobs and research.

Yesterday, I watched more than an hour of C-SPAN so that I could watch live as Republicans voted to move forward on the plan to repeal (and maybe replace?) Obamacare.

This morning, Trump is tweeting crazy things about keeping transgender people out of the military. And in true reality TV style, he created suspense as he spread his announcement out over three tweets:

[Whatever he’s about to say, does anyone really think Trump consulted with anyone before making this announcement? Also, does he know they are not his generals?]

[Let’s ignore the fact that there are already thousands of transgender servicemembers and this seems like an impossible policy to enforce, unless you’re going back to some weird “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.]

[Thank you?! Fuck you. Just fuck you.]

So those three tweets were spread over 13 minutes, which meant that I spent almost a quarter of an hour wondering what stupid thing Trump was going to say. And then I had to, of course, see how the rest of Twitter was reacting to the news. And I spent an unreasonable amount of time wondering why the hell Trump can’t figure out how to thread tweets, even though he has tweeted more than 35,000 times.

Obviously, I could stay away from Twitter if I really wanted to exercise self-control. But when it feels like the country is burning, how am I not supposed to watch it happen?


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