Back from the brink of dissertation madness

It felt appropriate to resurrect this blog a day after President Trump tweeted insults about a female reporter, given that it is named after one such disparaging remark.

trump mika

Can we talk about how crazy this is? I’ll have to get more into this later, mainly because I need to wade through what everyone else is saying to see if I have anything original to add to this conversation. But here are a few of my favorite Twitter highlights:

So what have I been up to for the past four months?


  • I finished writing a dissertation. I had an epic battle with my advisors in the process – at one point telling them I was either going to defend or leave academia.
  • I finally defended in late May, and turned in the revisions earlier this week. Fingers crossed that I have met all their demands, and I can send it off to the Graduate School.
  • I taught a six-week summer course in public policy. It was exhausting, teaching 75 minutes, five days a week. But it reaffirmed my love of teaching.
  • I gave up on my job search, and reluctantly accepted a lecturer position at the same university I went to for graduate school.

There’s a lot more to say about all of those things, and maybe now I’ll have the chance to write about them. Or maybe I will fall back into old habits of writing a few posts, going silent for a few months, and coming back when the President has been super offensive to women. Here’s hoping it’s not that.


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