This Week in “I can’t even.” (Part 2)


First off, let’s not even talk about how long I spent playing around with that very simple graphic. There were many iterations in what is ultimately a very simple graphic. Should I use bright colors to signify how outrageous life has become? That’s not really my style though, so how about some muted colors… What kind of banner do I want? Do I want it curved or straight? What about the text? Serif? Sans serif? I get way too into this stuff. Maybe I will blog in only graphics from now on. Though isn’t that… tumblr? (I don’t really understand tumblr.)

Okay, but back to business. There have been way too many things this week that I can’t even. Every day I wake up and think, things can’t get any more absurd, right? And then I read the news or open up Twitter…

Let’s just start with this bombshell. I mean, it’s not really a bombshell in that I’m not shocked that Trump has deep ties to Russia. (Paul Manafort, anyone? The bromance between Putin and Trump?) But… Russian prostitutes… golden showers… what?! It’s a story so ludicrous that I wonder if it’s just a poorly-done MadLibs. I need a nationality and an occupation, and an adjective and a plural noun…


I watched that whole damn news conference on Wednesday. That’s an hour of my life that I will never get back. Between Sean Spicer’s rant about fake news, and the mountain of manila folders that is supposed to convince us that Trump isn’t going to be financially benefiting from the presidency, to the exchange with Jim Acosta, it was all too much. Maybe he shouldn’t be allowed to give press conferences.


This was the third tweet in Trump’s series: “Insults to a Civil Rights Leader on the Eve of MLK, Jr Day.” A large part of me thinks Trump didn’t even know who he was insulting when he tweeted this because, really, how could anyone know who John Lewis is and say that he is all talk and no action?! All of these tweets were just so damn tone deaf. In this one though he’s doubling down on the “crime infested” inner cities accusation. In the earlier tweet he claims Lewis’s district is falling apart (fact check: it’s not). But, you know, Lewis is black. And black equals urban. And urban equals crime. This is, perhaps not coincidentally, the same logic that gave us Ben Carson as the HUD Secretary nominee. Hey, you, black friend! You must know about urban stuff!


What I really can’t even this week though, is deal with the fact that this time next week, Obama won’t be president anymore. Watching his farewell address gave me all the feels. The man is not perfect (none of us are), but damn it, I’m going to miss him. 

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