Time flies when you’re procrastinating.

One of the reasons I started this blog was because I don’t want to write my dissertation. More like finish my dissertation. It’s well on its way, or at least that’s what I keep saying in cover letters and on job interviews.

So I thought I would start this blog to chronicle my journeys in finishing the dissertation. I’ll learn to love writing again, I told myself. And then I’ll want to write about control variables and the results of logistic regressions! Turns out that is not true. It also turns out that racing thoughts does not translate into lots of blog posts.

For anyone keeping tracks, that’s:

Pr(blogging) != Pr(dissertating)

racing thoughts != blogging

My preferred coping mechanism/procrastination technique for the dissertation stress is sleeping and watching re-runs of The Office. Both of which I find soothing and non-taxing on my brain. Both of which contribute nothing to the subfield.

This, however, is an improvement from my previous coping mechanisms, which included exercising until I thought I was going to die, and binge eating massive amounts of chocolate, peanut butter, and just generally anything I thought tasted good at that moment. So… progress?


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