This week in “I can’t even.”

I have a bad habit of reading the comments section. In my mind I see comments section and think, “Oh, an intelligent discussion about an article I just read. I love intelligent discussions!” If you’ve never gone into a comments section, let me tell you one thing it is not: an intelligent discussion. It is quite the opposite.

But I know I’m not the only one to plunge into the dark abyss of a comments section. There are plenty of people – troll or not – who frequent them. Trolls, after all, cease to exist if there is no exasperation to feed on.

Do you know what happens when a country becomes so enamored with ad hominem attacks and logical fallacies? They elect Donald Trump – a walking, talking, Tweeting comments section.

So I present to you This Week in “I can’t even.” A collection of the most absurd things I have seen from Trump in the past week.

I’m no economist, and even within political science, I don’t study trade policy. But I’m pretty sure this isn’t how it works? Reading Trump tweets in ALL CAPS with exclamation points is emotionally exhausting for me. It reminds me of my days babysitting toddlers – lots of temper tantrums and insistence on getting their way.
It kills me when Trump refers to himself in the third person  – “the ratings machine, DJT.” Seriously, you won the presidency of the United States, but your masculinity is so fragile that you need to remind us that you also can draw a large television audience? And he’s still an executive producer on this show, so shouldn’t he be trying to boost ratings instead of knocking his successor?
This is the end of the previous thought, in case that wasn’t clear. What amuses me most is that the second tweet comes 8 minutes after the first. What happened during those 8 minutes? I assume there was a story about him on Fox News or something equally pressing.
My sentiments exactly. Sigh.



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