Let’s give this thing a go, I guess.

I’m not very good with this whole blogging thing. I’ve tried in the past, with varying degrees of success (see: my blog about my semester in Italy during undergrad; my blog about trying to keep my shit together post-undergrad while slowly withering away from anorexia).

But Donald Trump is going to be President in 17 days and my boyfriend can only stand my feminist rants for so long. And I’m in my last semester of grad school with no job prospects. And my best friend is having a baby, though I’m pretty sure we’re not old enough for that level of adulting.

So I figure now’s not the time to hold back. What you will find here will largely be random thoughts on the stuff that’s driving me crazy, making me fume, or just dumbfounding me. Occasionally I may stumble into something insightful. I wouldn’t count on it though.


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